Would you like a stimulating, relevant way to teach your students about complex issues?  Chunky Onion Productions, Hong Kong’s leading educational theatre company is pleased to provide a new touring theatre production. Through a live, engaging drama performance we explore difficult issues faced by today’s youth. Addiction to social media and drugs is explored. We also tackle bullying from three perspectives- the Victim, the Bully and the Bystander.

“Your Life, Your Choice” is a hard-hitting, interactive, highly-relevant drama performance created for students. Topics are presented in a dramatic format that allows the audience to discover their own answers. This drama is performed in English by a cast of professional actors. In order to best prepare our audiences, we provide an extensive Resource Pack that teachers may use both before and after the show. 


  • Each session is divided into two 45-minute dramas
  • Two separate topics are performed
  • Students are encouraged to take an active role in the performance
  • The audience must make choices to determine the outcome of each scenario
  • After each performance there is an open forum for discussion

Modules Currently Offered:

  • Bullying and Addiction
  • Depression and Discrimination (Available in Fall 2014)

Issue-based Drama I

Issue-based Drama II