Lighting Equipment Hire

We rent professional lighting systems for events of all types including gala dinners, conferences, wedding banquets, private parties, product launches, cocktail receptions and outdoor festivals. If you are looking to hire lighting in Hong Kong for your next function please call us for a free consultation and quotation.

Some people ask “why do I need to hire lighting for my wedding banquet or company dinner”? Lighting has a big impact on any event, but its importance is often overlooked. With the right lighting techniques, an ordinary ballroom or function room be transformed from looking dull and ‘corporate’ to a magical space full of energy. In addition to changing the entire mood of your event, professional event lighting can enhance your signage, branding, venue and table decoration. Lighting can also be used to draw attention to points of focus and away from less attractive areas. Finally, and of great importance, professional event lighting can greatly enhance any performances you have at your function. Live bands become more entertaining, kickoff dance performances more lively and of course your guests will enjoy showing their moves on the dance floor under great lighting!

Because we own our own lighting equipment and have a full-time, in-house technical team, lighting is never merely an afterthought.  From the initial event design phase we are thinking how to best use lighting to enhance any event. At Chunky Onion Productions, our lighting designers and operators will accentuate every detail of your production with the perfect lighting touches and effects.