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Television Rental

We rent televisions for events. Need a TV monitor for a your next important event? You’ve come to the right place. As part of our all-inclusive event management and audio-visual rental services, we supply a range of televisions for hire to give the big day an ideal finishing touch.

Here at Chunky Onion, we provide television rental services for all sorts of events in Hong Kong. From conferences to meetings, conferences, exhibitions and numerous other functions, we are sure to have a TV that meets your requirements.

The audio-visual component of live events has become highly technology-dependent. Participants expect high-quality projection displays at conferences, gala dinners, exhibitions and meetings. Video projection enables presentations, live feed video projection and other graphic presentations to have the most powerful impact on your important events.

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Our TVs can be rented for varied periods of time. Whether you need a TV for a single full day event or multiple days for longer events, the team at Chunky Onion have got your needs covered.

Our television rental fees cover delivery, installation and pick-up services. Once your TV has been delivered, our audio-visual technicians will make sure everything is connected and working properly, so that your content will be displayed brightly and brilliantly with the clearest picture quality to make sure your guests are all impressed.

If your event setup means you need to hire specific cabling in addition to your TV rental, we can provide HDMI, VGA, DVI, USB, RCA cables and adapters according to your exact specifications. Please call up our team to let us know your television rental requirements.

Our television rental inventory includes:

  • LCD TVs
  • LED TVs
  • Touchscreen TVs
  • 43” TV
  • 50” TV
  • 55” TV
  • 60” TV
  • 65” TV
  • 80” TV

Televisions for rent can be either wall or floor-mounted for your convenience, and our technicians can install your monitor to your requirements upon delivery.

For further information on our TV rental services in Hong Kong, please feel free to get in contact with our friendly team and we will be in touch shortly to assist with your query.

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