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Video Projector Rental

We provide video projector rental services for conferences, exhibitions, product launches, fashion shows and gala dinners in Hong Kong. We own a wide ranges of Panasonic projectors ranging from 8,000 lumens to 30,000 lumens which can cover the projection requirements for any venue in Hong Kong. We can also provide a wide range of projector screens and have professional projection technicians (projectionists) to install and operate the the equipment to perfection.

The audio-visual component of live events has become highly technology-dependent. Participants expect high-quality projection displays at conferences, gala dinners, exhibitions and meetings. Video projection enables presentations, live feed video projection and other graphic presentations to have the most powerful impact on your important events.

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If you are considering video projection here is some advice. Your big event is coming up, you want the presentations to look good on screen but you don’t have a projector and you don’t know which projector to rent. Many factors affect the quality of a projected image so, it can be hard to guess which one will work best for your event.

Here are the factors that you should take into consideration: How Bright Is Your Venue? If you plan to leave some lights on or of the venue has natural lighting then you will need a more powerful projector. What size is your screen? The larger your screen the bigger the bulb you’ll need in the projector. Will there be Front or Rear Projection? With rear projection a more powerful projector will be required in order for the image to fully project the image through the screen. suffice. But space constraints may prevent rear projection.

What type of content is being projected? Different types of content require different degrees of brightness. For example, an HD video clip will require a bright, high resolution projector. Where a simple PowerPoint presentation needs can be seen with a more basic projector. If all of this is a bit complicated don’t worry! Give us a call and talk directly to our video technicians for the best advice on video projection hire.

Our video projection equipment inventory includes:

  • LED Walls
  • Projectors & Projection Screens
  • LED & LCD Televisions
  • Visual Playback
  • Computers
  • Video Switchers
  • Video Splitters

For further information, please contact our team and we will be in touch shortly.

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