Corporate role play Communications Training for Business

Chunky Onion Productions has deep roots in theatre and drama-based training. We employ drama and role play techniques to deliver corporate communications training to businesses across the Asia-Pacific region.  We custom-design highly interactive training to meet your business requirements:

  • High-impact, drama-based learning experiences to maximize staff development
  • Solutions developed in collaboration with your training department/frontline managers
  • Teaching memorable, transferable behavioral skills
  • Custom-made or standard training modules to meet your commercial objectives

What is “Corporate Role play Communications Training”?

Employing highly experiential, interactive, drama exercises and role play as a means of delivering communications and corporate role play training.

  • Prepare for a future event or encounter
  • Improve abilities within a job or assignment
  • Access an individual’s competencies against other individuals in a controlled environment

 How can your company use corporate role play Communications Training? 

  • Conflict Resolution
  • Exploring Diversity Issues
  • Improving teamwork
  • Managing Staff
  • Staff Performance Appraisals
  • Sales Presentations
  • Customer Service
  • Recruiting & Interviewing

Why hire professional actors for corporate role play training?

  • Adds realism to training
  • Creates a very safe environment that encourages risk-taking and self expression
  • Makes training interesting and engaging
  • Actors are not embarrassed to act out a difficult scenario
  • Actors react in their “character” not as themselves
  • Consistency across departments, business units or geographies

Why partner with Chunky Onion Productions?

  • We employ a cast of professionally trained actors and workshop facilitators for corporate role play
  • We have multi-lingual capabilities (Cantonese, Mandarin and English)
  • Our “Asian Roots” and Western influence allow for cross cultural understanding
  • We are not just a Theatre Company – We understand your commercial environment


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