Theatre-based Workshops

Theatre in Education (“TIE”) can be very effective in enhancing the learning environment if implemented thoughtfully and professionally. TIE can inspire creativity and an interest in the performing arts from a young age.  It can also motivate students to learn English – not just for exams, but for their own enjoyment.  Chunky Onion Productions partners with local and international schools in Hong Kong, Macau & Southern China to conduct drama workshops that are:

  • Tailor-made to achieve your teaching objectives
  • Conducted by professionally-trained, native English-speaking drama coaches
  • Practical, with reproducible materials
  • Interesting, interactive and impactful
  • Conducted during school hours or as an ECA

 We offer the following drama workshops

  • Student Drama Workshops
  • Public Speaking Workshops
  • Learning English thru Poems and Songs Workshops
  • English Language Summer Bridging Courses
  • Creative Writing Workshops
  • Teacher Drama Workshops – Using Drama in the Classroom