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Yo, Ho, Ho and a bunch of FUN. Arrrgh! Let’s have a Pirate Birthday Party. Captain No Beard and Mr. McVee his first mate have sailed to Hong Kong aboard their pirate ship the Jolly Dodger. These two zany pirates will make your next children’s birthday party a real adventure.   Let these two professional, splendidly, costumed, high-energy children’s entertainers make your next birthday party one to remember.

With a funny music, dancing and lots of, interactive games, kids and parents will all have fun! We recommend this duo for highly active boys and girls. Ideal for birthday parties, farewell parties, end of term celebrations, PTA fundraisers.  You name it!

Make your next kids’ birthday party fun and stress free with pirates Captain No Beard and Mr. McVee, professional children’s party entertainers.


The Pirates arrive at your party 20-minutes before their show to say hello to mom and dad and then change into costume

10 mins – Introduction & Warm Up

Captain No Beard and Mr. McVee make their grand entrance and play interactive warm up games that allow kids to get to know each other

20 mins – Where’s the Buried Treasure?

A highly interactive two-man show with singing, dancing and accessories for the kids.

25 mins – Pirate Fun & Games with Captain No Beard and Mr. McVee

  • Sing & Dance Along
  • Sword fighting competition!
  • Escape from Sherwood Forest
  • The Sheriff Says…
  • Little John’s Charades

5 mins – Happy Birthday Song


Our own sound system, music, funny props and costumes.

1 Hour Show (two professional entertainers)

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