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DJ Hire Hong Kong

DJ Hire Hong Kong is a specialty at Chunky Onion Productions. If you want your guests dancing at your next party or corporate event, wedding banquet or cocktail party, hire a professional DJ. We provide the best DJs for hire for events in Hong Kong. Our Hong Kong DJs can play any genre of music from modern pop music, to disco, techno or lounge music. A good DJ can feel the pulse of the crowd, knows what songs to play and when to play them. Best of all we also provide DJ equipment rentals and a full PA system rental for your event.  And our sound system can cover every venue in Hong Kong.

We have been asked “Why do I need to hire a DJ for my event? I can save money by creating a playlist”.  While it is true that a professional DJ does cost money, he or she can take your event from mundane to unforgettable. So a playlist is fine if you are inviting a few friends over for dinner. But if you are getting married, hosting your 40th birthday party or celebrating your anniversary and expect your friends to get up and dance, hiring a good DJ is a must.  Here are some things you can expect from our DJ Hire Hong Kong services.

Broad Repertoire.  A truly professional event DJ in Hong Kong is comfortable playing a wide range of music.  He or she should be able to play Top 40 for the young kids, Hip Hop, Disco and Classic Rock for the mature crowd, Lounge music during cocktail hour and even drop some Reggae or Bollywood if required.  Some DJs are purists, focusing on a narrow genre of music. This is fine for clubs and bars. But at live events your DJ must be a musical chameleon in order please the musical tastes of a wide ranging audience.  Our DJs enjoy playing a wide range of music.

Proper Gear. Most DJs are artists and very few own, store and maintain enough professional sound equipment to cover large venues.  We back up our DJs with great sound equipment so you get the DJs’ artistry and it sounds splendid.

Professionalism. The DJ finally performing at your event is really the climax of the journey. But before the event happens there can be a lot of planning, logistics and details to manage. What songs are on the “don’t play list”? Is there a special song for when the bride makes her entrance? When is the load in time? We handle all of these details in a highly professional manner enabling the DJ to focus on his performance and our customers to enjoy their event. One final thing to consider: Venue Lighting which can greatly enhance the environment and party vibe of your event. We have special event lighting packages to suit your needs and your budget.

Hire an international DJ for your event from Chunky Onion Productions.

For further information, please contact our team and we will be in touch shortly.

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